Saturday, January 28, 2012

We Do Like Bottomless

You can leave your hat on, or your bra...

More Art of the Pussy

We do appreciate this artful photos that display
the mesmerizing beauty of a woman's sex, with
such an incredible variety of shapes and sizes.

A Rear With a View

Impossible to Resist?

So alluring, beckoning, inviting...mmm!

Just For Your Information...

Isn't it time, all you men and women out there,
that we became better acquainted with the yoni's
topography, with the correct names for all these
enticing geographic features?

Fully Bare at the Beach

And the shaved approach...

Lost in the Forest

We think this lovely lady from the hirsute '70s
is quite sexy and we love her beautiful bush.
That being said, it's hard to appreciate her labia
visually with such abundant undergrowth.

Let Me Show You...

It's time for a closer look...

The "Paw" That Refreshes

Another cameltoe peek...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Magnificent Minora!

Tania's body is beautiful from top to bottom,
and her labia minora are beckoning us closer!

Yoni Supreme

More of the incredible variety of pussies
and different manifestations of sexual beauty!

Luscious Labia


A Very Nude Beach

Hairy and Proud

Viva hippie chicks!
Viva hairy women!
Viva the burgeoning bush!


Cameltoe Beach

Her glorious labia majora are hidden yet on display:
the ultimate "cameltoe" experience.


The Invitation

Who are we to refuse an invitation to the dance?


A Beach With a View

Viewing beautiful yonis is one of the pleasures of nude beaches....


You Can Leave Your Rubber Leg-Boots On...