Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Hippie's Yoni

Ah, the beautiful hippie with long hair and headband,
relevant and sexy in any era, and here showing off her
exquisite bare naked shaved yoni for the delight of all.
Of the era, but not of the era, not hairy down below...

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On The Beach

When one visits a nude beach, it is always a pleasure to see the variety of beautiful yonis on display, those with a robust bush, those neatly trimmed or those fully shaved. Some are demure, some are on full display, with legs opened wide and the labia majora prominent and inviting. The view is always thrilling -- but, please, hetero men and eager lesbians, keep your distance and your cool, don't gawk or stare fixedly. Enjoy the show, but with full respect.

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The Magnificent Seven

Seven beautiful young women with seven gorgeous yonis,
seven beautiful vaginas, seven lovely nude bodies....

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